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Jul. 10th, 2004 | 11:57 am
mood: indifferent indifferent
music: david bowie-lady grinning soul

ugh i can hear the cicadas of death outside my window as this miserable texas heat of the summer sets in. i loved it when it was storming everyday but that's all over now. finished reading everything for english though i'm pretty sure i'll reread everything before school starts again. finally getting around to my college research i've narrowed it down to:
St. Edward's
Trinity San Antonio
A&M @ Galveston

my top choice is duke but that's if i can get in which i'm pretty worried that i can't i have to really work my ass off the first semester of senior year. no more fuckin around. which shouldnt be nearly as hard as last year because i'm taking all languages and liberal arts courses except for that damn bcis which i don't want to take because it's stupid.

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